Melbourne, Australia
It's a family trait to always be learning and from a young age I discovered that art is the perfect avenue for this. 
Throughout my life I've looked for opportunities to try new techniques, mediums and tools of the trade and have actively sought advice and tutelage from artist's that I've admired to help me do so - something I continue to do today. This constant experimentation has resulted in me being as comfortable with holding a pen and brush as I am a spray can, an airbrush, or a power tool. And this in turn has offered up new ways for me to explore the many themes that interest me; human nature, history, the planet, religion and sexuality, across mediums ranging from A4 sketches, to sculpted installations, to multiple-storey murals.
My work often has an illustrative tweak to it and I'm best known for putting a high (read: stupid) amount of detail into what I create while blending fine art and graffiti styles with a neo-impressionist twist.
But really, after you've read this, I kind of just hope that I'm not known for speaking a lot of art wank!
If you're interested in discussing a commission, please feel free to get in touch.
Contact: rnnyldrs@gmail.com
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